At RAY we help companies create results. Our specialty is to help organisations and business visualize results goals they had not dreamt possible and work together with them towards achieving these. We have done this for many companies.

What sets us apart is our approach as a whole, as we play the part of actively challenging the organisation and staff in order to ensure that your business delivers results breakthroughs again and again. We maintain a strong focus on implementing the changes and work routines in the organisation which are necessary for achieving the breakthroughs. We work via management as well as on-site throughout the organisation.

What we do first of all is to highlight a statement of objectives you might already be familiar with,You know that your company can perform better.But we maintain that, in fact, you have no idea how great results your business can actually deliver. What we do is helping you dare to look beyond the comfort zone and establish goals for your business that you never even dreamed before. Then we help you realize the goals. You could be responsible for the company’s most outstanding results improvement ever.If you only dare.With competence, courage and passion we challenge our clients to achieve the results breakthroughs no one believed possible.

It will not be a ’walk in the park’. You will definitely not be working more than you do today, But you will look at your business with a fresh pair of eyes, and you must inspire others to do the same. It can be a painful but wonderful process.

When the process kicks off we establish how far you want to take it. We will be satisfied only when you have stretched the goal and target definition so far that you don’t believe it anymore. Then we will prove to you that it is completely achievable.

Now we get straight to work. Step by step we address every single thing that might become an obstacle to achieving your new goals, even issues that are hard to detect and address. Soon your business or company will become lighter, more streamlined and efficient. And even more fun to work in. RAY will be there for long term hand holding and assistance, and we know that change can take time – that is why our projects need anything between six months to a year to be completed, depending on the size of the organisation and the nature of the task.

Specific modules, e.g. a feasibility study or a results process, can however be completed and implemented during shorter periods of 6-8 weeks.

In our hand holding we depart from the leadership group and work with implementation of results oriented changes throughout the entire organisation.

Therefore we will have a continuous presence during the course of the whole project. We will be working progressively, from the boardroom and out through the entire organisation, together with managers and employees, in order to effectively implement the methods, mindset, and approaches which will generate results for the organisation.

We will be present as much as is necessary for our common efforts to create change and achieve new breakthrough targets to be fruitful.

RAY services are based on the fundamental belief that companies and individuals are capable of reaching considerably higher and achieve much more than they believe themselves.

Based on research within results and business development, continuously develop the process to address the various dimensions which can contribute to realising the full potential within organisations.

Achieving the desired results is guaranteed through the mutual cooperation with our clients. We work closely together with our clients to break down overarching goals to the individual level, in order for all employees to see how they contribute and thereby carry responsibility.

We will be present with our clients every way and work with leaders and groups within the business organisation. Clear goals, clear measurability, and an obvious presence in the organisation is maintained in order to drive the work towards the results targets and breakthroughs.

When deviations occur we will be there to help you handle them immediately, instead of stalling, and to help build in processes to handle such hurdles in the organisation continuously.

As an integrated part of the process, and to identify deviations in relation to the goals and ensuring that we are on the right track, the process is followed up by weekly results meetings. In this way – by having a structure and approach to handling deviations – we can avoid crisis work arising from inaction and at the same time everyone involved in the process will always know where we are at.

It is all about results.

We actively challenge business leaders to look beyond own perceived limitations and identifying targets they never previously dared dream of. Then we help them succeed. The engagement with RAY is not a desk study – together we specifically go over your expectations and where your organisation can go. Thereafter we will identify the necessary actions and implementations leading to the desired results and design the solutions to carry your business through to the goal.

RAY is more than just planning from a holistic perspective – seeing through a strategy is not only about implementation and seeing a result but something that must be taught and absorbed in order to be sustainable.

RAY excel in challenging and encouraging you to dare establishing impressive goals and achieving them as well. We work actively on implementing a results oriented work approach in the organisation within management as well as on-site throughout the organisation.

The most important is not whom you choose to work with but which lasting results you will achieve for your work processes.

Through the various stages of the process we will work with the management group as well as employees.

The implementation of the approach intended to generate results breakthroughs for our clients takes place throughout the organisation together with all employees.

This depends on the organisation and diagnosis of various departments – we aim to work towards results as a collective whole.

In cases where we are e.g. asked to work with a company’s sales organisation this most often implies having to actually address the organisation as a whole, especially when working with small- to medium-sized companies.


Managers and business leaders ought to master what is needed to perform on a daily basis and achieve ordinary budget targets. But here we are talking about achieving something way beyond the ordinary – your managers might actually be capable of this but RAY will get on board to ensure that they actually do.

If your ambition is growth, and not necessarily in monetary terms, as your goals could also be personal or measured in geographic terms – as soon as your ambition implies moving beyond your comfort zone – then we are the right partner for your journey.

If your ambitionWe have experience from a wide range of business areas The goal of RAY is to generate maximum ROI for our clients through management consulting. Our focus is on results, not prestige – the list below of the areas in which RAY has been involved:

Finance and Banking
Component Manufacturing
Social Inclusion
Our method is based on the actual presence during implementation of results-oriented solutions for our partners. This means that you can be assured that practical as well as strategic work is adopted.

No. We are never too advanced for a client

Companies which already have a good internal culture and structure, and with the right preconditions for creating results breakthroughs and identifying ambitious targets.

We will charge for the overall mission, and then we devote the time to the project we see necessary to achieve the established objectives. Part of our fees is flexi pay, that is added into a delivery premium, which means we get paid for achieving your goals.

RAY works from the basis of the organisation’s existing structure. It is very rare that something needs to be changed radically, but through our processes we will work for,

Eliminating – That which clearly does not contribute to results targets or holds any necessity.

Minimizing – That which is necessary but does not contribute towards results targets.

Maintaining – That which already exist and works, and here we implement the changes and approaches needed to achieve progress in the processes.

Improving/Developing – That which is already in place or is neglected, in order to deliver clear and measurable results that contribute specifically to achieving the overall goals.

Adding – New additions to work processes and leadership to enable the achievement of result breakthroughs and goals, and to ensure a sustainable positive development for the future.