Staffing Solutions

People are at the core of any successful Field Marketing implementation and RAY Consulting is the Industry leader in agri-business consultancy of finding the right talent for your business.

We at RAY Consulting, provide customized and tailored solutions; RAY’s extensive agricultural experience will be able to offer solutions in outsourcing strengthened by strong local experience to deliver the most efficient field marketing services implementation along with strategic advantage of flexibility and legal compliances. Our outsourcing solutions can deliver significant value in driving efficiencies of the field teams, speed to market, service improvement and innovation.

Agri Input industry hires a large number of TFPAs (Technical Field Promotion Assistants) for the promotion of their products / brands. TFPAs are the last mile connectors ensuring outreach and penetration at the consumer level. TFPAs play a critical role by binding the farmer to make a sale happen. TFPAs cost constitute the largest expense head in the budget of sales promotion. Corporates feel that this expense does not really give ROI and many a times it is true.

Currently, most of the companies hire TFPAs through third party arrangements / rolls. These third-party companies add no functional value to TFPAs, except ensuring pay roll services and meeting formal and basic statutory legal requirements.

RAY Consulting has done extensive market research / analysis by talking to all the stake holders, based on which, to meet the challenges of effective utilization of TFPAs, “RAY Consulting” has come out with ways that not only enhance ROI but TFPAs become a vibrant last mile connectivity with the trade and the consumers, truly representing and executing a Corporates Mission and Vision.